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Cosmic Love review – does astrology-based dating work? Does it heck | Television

Cosmic Love review – does astrology-based dating work? Does it heck | Television

J ust when you think every possible angle of the dating show has been wined pЕ™Г­klady profilЕЇ marriagemindedpeoplemeet, dined and, for the sake of propriety, let’s say refined, along comes Cosmic Love (Amazon Prime Video). “I feel like I’m in space,” says one contestant, which is incredibly generous of her.

The issue, they all say, is with modern dating

The Astro Chamber – a less cutting, more serene POD from Snog Marry Avoid – takes four participants, each representing an element of the zodiac (earth, air, fire and water) and partners them with another single person, based on their birth charts. They are, supposedly, compiled using the position of the planets and stars at the exact time and place that person came into the world. “By trusting fate and allowing yourself to be guided by astrology, you could find your perfect match,” it promises.

Does it work? Does it heck. There’s no real impetus for it to work, because if the key to instant and lifelong love and attraction really is birth chart compatibility, then the producers, sorry the Astro Chamber, should be able to pair up a couple straight away, then sit back and watch as they fall in love. That would be a sweet, smooth single episode, at most, but it isn’t a series. A full dating show series needs lots of drama, and in this case, it’s shoved in with the introduction of 16 single people. These newcomers may or may not be an astrological match for our four main players. They won’t find out until they have been on dates first, and only then will they get to see if their stars are aligned.