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2 Gwen Stacy About Incredible Crawl-Man: ISTJ

2 Gwen Stacy About Incredible Crawl-Man: ISTJ

Emma Stone’s reputation Gwen Stacy regarding the 2012 film The incredible Spider-Son try Peter Parker’s (Andrew Garfield) love desire. This woman is a while rebellious, wise, amusing, and you can appears like she’d squeeze into new ISTJ build (otherwise ”In charge Realist.”

She’s ISTJ qualities for example getting ”thorough” and you can ”orderly” and you may ”practical.” She is served by a good spontaneity and you will means one thing when you look at the a functional way: whenever she learns Peter’s name, she claims, ”Oh, I am in big trouble.”

step one Olive Penderghast Into the Simple An excellent:

Emma Stone has played some hard, rebellious characters throughout this lady acting community, and you can Olive during the Effortless An is going to be the fresh toughest among every.

Olive’s MBTI was ENFP or ”Creative Motivator.” She provides the idea to reproduce This new Vivid red Letter and pretend having a significantly, what if, loose reputation. She has actually within the pretense for a lot of the movie, acting instance she is alot more experienced, by the conclusion, needless to say, she realizes that honesty is best policy. This lady has many ENFP traits like which have a ”zest for a lifetime” and you can invention and you can this woman is a person who do ”encourage management.”