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How to Love an ESFJ Long Term

How to Love an ESFJ Long Term

  • A sense of fun

Because ESFJs crave loving, long-term relationships, they will put all of their efforts into creating one with their beloved. Here are a few ways to help forge a life-long bond with the ESFJ:

  • Express appreciation and admiration consistently
  • Join the ESFJ at social gatherings
  • Encourage self-care
  • Do things to help the ESFJ even without being prompted
  • Be gentle and sparing with critical comments

Is an ESFJ Romantic?

When taken with someone, the ESFJ is quite romantic. They are caring and warm individuals by nature. Once in love, the ESFJ will focus their devotion on a partner and nearly worship them.

Is an ESFJ a Good Lover?

Because ESFJs’ primary focus in life is to make those they love happy, they put their energy and enthusiasm toward their partner’s sexual pleasure and fulfillment. While not overly adventurous by nature, the ESFJ will often try new things in an effort to please their significant other. In many ways, an ESFJ derives a considerable amount of their sexual pleasure from making their partner happy.