F and BMC Coaxial Connector Insertion/Removal Tool IDEAL IDI35046

IDEAL IDI35046, F and BMC Coaxial Connector Insertion/Removal Tool: Electronics. Works On Compression & Hex-crimped Connectors 。 Exclusive Socket Design Accommodates Banc & F-type Connectors 。 Makes Attaching & Detaching Connectors To Equipment Easier 。 Works on compression and hex-crimped connectors 。 Exclusive socket design accommodates Bnc and f-type connectors 。 Makes attaching and detaching connectors to equipment easier 。 F-Type post aids with installing Catv connectors on coaxial cable 。 Comfort-Grip chemical-resistant handle 。 The ideal 5-046 is a 8" F and BNC connector removal tool. this tool works on compression and hex connectors and new comfort-grip handle aids in installing and removing connectors on coax cable. an exclusive socket design accommodates BNC, TNC, and F-type connectors to equipment easier. 。 。 。

F and BMC Coaxial Connector Insertion//Removal Tool IDEAL IDI35046